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Cook в Чебоксарах

Работодатель: ИСМИРА
50 000 - 90 000 р.


The cook is responsible for preparation of various menu items according to the recipes and photos provided by ship management.
Employment with the international companies Marella, the Royal Caribbean Sea, Viking Cruises.

• Support the station in the proof appointed by the chef to get acquainted with various tasks
• Help with transportation of products from the Main Shops to a proof
• Remove and sanify working area and the used ware, according to rules and norms


• Confidence in written and colloquial English (Intermediate link and up)
• Professional education (any level)
• The minimum 1-2 years in a profession in qualitative hotels, restaurants or the environment of the cruise vessel


• The employment contract within 6-8 months.
• Free food, housing, health insurance onboard
• A holiday within 6-10 weeks between contracts.
• Salary 1-2 times a month

Additional opportunities:

• Travel worldwide.
• Practice of English
• International experience
• Career and development
• Stability and protection according to the international sea laws
• Work during the long-term period as the main work or for 1-2 contracts to earn money
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